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Physical Therapy 11638 Hwy 27 Summerville GA 30747 (706) 509-2676Attain peak reconditioning through physical therapy in Summerville, GA by placing a call to (706) 509-2676 right away. Advance Rehabilitation Physical Therapy-Chattooga is a professional physical rehabilitation center equipped to provide you with outstanding customer care. Our therapists conduct one on one consultations to determine the treatments that are best for your condition, whether you require TMJ dysfunction therapy or personalized sports medicine.
When you are accustomed to physically training unassisted, you may be considering skipping post-injury physical rehabilitation. However, by obtaining standard care from a qualified Summerville physical therapy specialist you can restore your full potential much sooner than you would on your own. Our physiotherapists have years of experience tailoring therapeutic exercise programs to your needs so that you can become more flexible and resist sustaining further injuries.
Along with standard rehabilitation programs, we offer personalized orthopedic care for injured athletes and workers in need of acute pain management. With workers compensation rehab, you can restore your body to pre-injury condition and reduce convalescence time to return to work sooner. We offer specialized sports medicine that incorporates exercise and manual therapy to reduce painful swelling and restore full function of your extremities.
Entrust your health and wellbeing to qualified physical therapists and restore your body to peak physical form. Contact Advance Rehabilitation Physical Therapy-Chattooga by dialing (706) 509-2676 to obtain high quality physical therapy in Summerville, GA. Schedule your no obligation consultation today.

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Physical Therapy in Summerville, GA
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