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Eye Care 1582 Main Street Peckville PA (570) 483-8965For expert eye care in Peckville, PA, dial (570) 483-8965.  Obtain comprehensive vision care from the local specialists at Northeastern Eye Institute.  We have highly trained ocular specialists who accommodate all facets of vision care, to ensure you and your family members can see clearly.  Call today to schedule one of our comprehensive eye exams.

Our Peckville eye care clinic proudly provides quality vision care to your local community. After pin pointing your precise eye prescription, we offer precision-made eye glasses customized to your exact specifications. We carry a vast selection of designer eye wear, providing both fashion forward and effective eyeglasses. Whether you prefer eye glasses or contact lenses, we offer both at our local eye center.

Our office is also the one to call when searching for a qualified eye doctor to surgically correct eye problems.  We provide cutting-edge eye surgery to help correct ocular disorders and to enhance vision.  Call our office for help with cataracts, glaucoma, corneal transplants or other surgical remedies.  Explore Lasik surgery by consulting with our physicians today.

When searching for dependable eye care in Peckville, PA, simply dial (570) 483-8965 for professional treatment by Northeastern Eye Institute. We offer a state-of-the-art facility and the latest treatment techniques for your vision correction.  Call now to arrange an exam with our specialists today.

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Eye Care in Peckville, PA
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