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Eye Care 200 Laurel Mall Drive Hazle Township PA (570) 832-2909When you need high quality eye care in Hazle Township, PA, call on Northeastern Eye Institute at (570) 832-2909. We do everything from general eye exams to retinal detachment surgery, so you can trust us for a number of procedures. For a reliable group of eye doctors in your area, get in touch with our company.

If you need vision correction surgery, we offer a number of procedures that you can choose from to help improve your vision. We also offer vision therapy which can benefit patients suffering from binocular vision and other conditions that may not be treatable with surgery or lenses. Our Hazle Township eye care center is a family-oriented facility, so you can even bring your kids by for pediatric eye services.

Did you know that 91% of Americans who are 75 years or older are affected by cataracts? If you are experiencing this natural blurring of the eye, come to us for cataract surgery and our knowledgeable surgeons will take care of the procedure. You can even ask about getting lens implants which can help with astigmatisms and other common vision problems.

Remember to dial (570) 832-2909 when you want professional eye care in Hazle Twp., PA. You can count on Northeastern Eye Institute to offer the most innovative treatments available to help find you solutions to your eye problems. If you are looking for a dependable eye surgeon in your area, give us a call now.

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Eye Care in Hazle Township, PA
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