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Body Waxing 7476 Highland Rd Baton Rouge LA (225) 276-7658For professional waxing and hair removal in Baton Rouge, LA, call Zanella's Wax Bar at (225) 276-7658 and regain that sleek youthful look. Our salon caters to your desire to be able to show off that new bikini or sundress. Call us now and make an appointment for Brazilian hair removal for the complete confidence you want at poolside.

As we age, body hair removal can become more important. You can rid yourself of nuisance hair along the upper lip that stands out under your make up with our facial hair removal techniques. Did you know that not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal? Our Baton Rouge hair removal salon specializes in facial and body waxing services only. Unlike other salons out there, we are not a one-stop shop for all your other beauty needs.

Body and facial waxing are the two services we focus on and we have become the most trusted wax bar in the area. Waxing is mostly done in the sensitive parts of your body, and wouldn’t you rather go to an aesthetician whose specialty is waxing? Gain your confidence whether you are at dinner at the country club, or attending a debutante ball. You work hard to keep the rest of your image the best it can be, so add the finishing touch of our hair elimination, and call us now.

Bikini waxing is affordable here at our salon and our clients have been raving on how they are able to reveal that beautiful smooth skin they have. When you need hair removal in Baton Rouge, LA, our luxuriously appointed office welcomes you at Zanella's Wax Bar. Put in a call to us at (225) 276-7658 for a spot on our schedule and pamper yourself today.

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Hair Removal in Baton Rouge, LA
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